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The list we’ve compiled does just that! Thank you for keeping up with the trends. You could also repost their images on your account for some user-generated content. People won’t just come to you because they need an apartment. I love your post it gave me more stratedgies to follow when marketing for Solaya Apartments. Hire an apartment photographer who knows exactly what to shoot, where to shoot, and how to get the best shots to sell your apartments. – This site finds copywriters for you. Will any laws be broke if I advertise apartments for adults only. Make sure it’s clean and simple, and that people understand a little about your community at first glance. Need some help coming up with the perfect call to action? With over 250 million users, Pinterest is a great place for luxury apartment marketing. Here are the best websites to post your apartment for rent. Every apartment complex manager wants 100% occupancy, with top quality long-term tenants. The apartments featured in this cluster are fully of crazy design elements and futuristic technology. This isn’t to say the same for your community, but it’s super important to stay on top of how your agents are treating residents and prospects over the phone. The Lifestyle You Deserve. Some examples could be a house plant, doormat, removable hooks (perfect to avoid nail holes), or maybe a gift card for a food delivery service. If you need help getting started you can always contact us for a consultation. As with all trends, pay close attention to what the giants are doing (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple). Think about sending a thank you letter to every hot prospect that tours your community. (Showboat Park Apartments) Take one of the apartment marketing strategies from above and implement it. Tags: apartment digital marketing, apartment lease-up, apartment marketing, apartment marketing for lease-ups, outreach apartment marketing. Craigslist is unique in that you have to essentially get your prospect to click on your ad based off one line of text. It could be as simple as: Hey, wondering if you’re still interested in our studios. Even just a simple, “happy Friday” post generates interest. You want to make sure it’s super short and to the point, hence only being nine words. Your videos don’t have to be quite as long as this one. Contact these programs and ask about becoming a designated drop off location. Invest in boosting posts and test multiple ad types to find the winners. Answer Save. They list details about the unit and community, and that’s about it. Study their strategies and find tactics worth implementing in your own communities. The first step in the process is to just be honest, helpful, and authentic with people. Don’t be shy, we're nice, Copyright © 2020 AM Digital, LLC Terms of Service Privacy Policy, Street AddressCity, ST 00000Call us: 1-800-COMPANY(800-000-0000), 40 Apartment Marketing Ideas Guaranteed To Get More Renters. I always look forward to the weekly newsletter! Adding a garbage valet service for the apartment complex not only helps to keep the property clean and improve curb appeal, but it can also help to improve your bottom line. Create a blog and become a reliable source of information. Want more detailed instructions on using the Facebook Marketplace for marketing your apartment complex? ‡ Watch our new 2020 TV commercials featuring Brad Bellflower. If you have a blog, you could also create pins that link to that content as well. Essentially, a single building complex may contain one or more apartment unit. Learn more about claiming your Google My Business listing and check out these Google My Business examples for post inspiration. Copyright © 2018 Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Many apartment marketers find it difficult to come up with ideas that will actually generate leases. Relevance? Get creative with your renewal reminders. Make sure to create a shot list in advance and consider having the photographer shoot interesting neighborhood landmarks. Here are a few resources to help: Grammarly – This handy Google Chrome Extension will check your copy for errors. If the apartment is not what you're looking for, jot down why (e.g. The new Tomoka Pointe Apartments in Daytona sells for $57.1 million, the most ever for an apartment property in Volusia County. Create a few fun signs and ask residents to take photos with them around your community, so you can post on your website, social media, and anywhere else you see fit. This marketing tactic combines online and offline apartment advertising. If it’s an odd shape (too tall or too wide) you’ll have a hard time fitting it on your marketing material. Another great video marketing tactic is to create videos with DIY tips for renters and upload them to YouTube on a regular basis. Description: Just paste your question and answer used in the video here. offers a wide variety of search filters. It’s important to always be aware of what your competition is doing and social media is a great place to keep dibs on other communities. More . Invite residents to share photos of their newly decorated homes with a branded hashtag and ask them to like, share, and tag their friends. You could even sponsor an event at the shelter such as an adoption fair. Start producing videos and posting them on a YouTube channel, your website, blog, and social media channels. Tenant referral programs are a very popular way to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising. Pro Tip: Using the word, “hey” in the subject line works well in getting people to open the email. It takes a skilled copywriter to market your apartment community to get the results you’re after. Videos could be simply you talking about an interesting topic and offering some tips, or could show behind the scenes at your leasing office, a home tour, community tour, or day-in-the-life content. You may get lucky going off of industry research, or sticking to the , but there's no guarantee that the marketing channels and/or specific tactics that worked for one apartment community will work for another. Summer is a great time to stay indoors at [the apartment place]. This is another old school apartment marketing idea that’s cost effective and can produce results. Another idea is to host a community garage sale. A Chamber of Commerce is a community of local companies that work together to be the voice of businesses in the area for government policy and other issues that affect businesses. Still have questions? Most of these innovative apartment complexes aren't real yet, but there's a great chance that these designs will be built sooner rather than later. Reach thousands of active consumers looking to rent. Advertise With Us. You could even provide a space for BNI or Chamber of Commerce meetings. ), #2 Great Copy Works Hand-in-Hand With Your Photography, #3 Keep That Brand Consistent (If You Want To Stay Top Of Mind), #4 Upgrade Your Apartment Logo (It May Need It), #5 Have a Call To Action (On All Your Marketing), #6 Focus on Your Apartment Website (Small Changes Yield Big Results), #7 When People Search for Your Community, Make Sure They Find It, #8 Don’t Forget to Claim & Optimize Your Google My Business Listing, #9 Drive More Apartment Leads with Craigslist, #10 Test Facebook Marketplace for Property Rentals, #11 Get More Leads for Less Money with Facebook Paid Ads, #14 Follow Your Competition on Social Media, #15 Let Residents “Take Over” Your Social Media, #20 Make Chatbots Available When Your Agents Aren’t, #28 Create Fun Resident Renewal Reminders, #29 Create a Resident Retention TouchPoint Plan, #32 Get More Reviews with this Email Script, #34 Resident Sign Strategy for Boosting Reputation, #36 Get Your Hands on Some Content Marketing, #37 Don’t Be Camera Shy – Try Some Video Content, #39 Stay on Top of Apartment Marketing Trends, 63 Call To Action Keywords For Apartment Advertising, 167 Words To Spice Up Your Apartment Marketing, Generate Leads Right Now With Facebook’s Marketplace, everything you need to know about chatbots, 8-10 interior shots (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, closets, patios), Unit – state-of-the-art appliances, including dishwasher, washer/dryer, any cool technology, wood floors, etc., highlighting anything that makes your property unique. The extra effort spent in meeting your local merchants can be rewarding on both a personal and financial level. Star Cannon Searchlights provided advertising searchlights for a Port Orange Florida Luxury Apartment complex event. Presentation of information – These videos are meant to be somewhat educational with the idea of answering commonly asked questions about your apartments. This will generate a lot of foot traffic to your community. Encourage residents to volunteer for local programs and charity events as a part of your community’s team. Great for lease-ups. What is the best/easiest way to advertise to these renters?? You can provide a discount for people referred from the moving the company, and the moving company can provide discounts for your renters. Just make sure you have a plan in place for how you want to respond to reviews – good and bad. For example: Title: Pet Policy for Estancia Apartments in La Jolla. Turn your website into a hub of information about your city or neighborhood. It’s free, easy to do and you’ll more than likely see increased traffic immediately. Video testimonials build trust with prospective renters and are more powerful than written reviews. When they start to think about moving, they’ll recall your ad and call for details. They’ll want to be recognized for their hard work, so be sure to announce a winner and reward … You can then link all your photos back to your website. Your apartment listings don’t have to stop at Trulia and Craigslist. Here’s a resource that can help you improve your ads. Your residents can post the photos too and tag your community for even more exposure. It’s important to always respond. For example, searching competitor apartment community names and even keywords like “apartments in your area” can show you the current ads that are running. Yes, I’ll cover some of the better-known apartment marketing ideas like Google Ads, but you’ll also see new strategies like the 9-word email, recycling reviews and more. Marketing for affordable housing and conventional housing communities can be surprisingly similar in terms of the outlets and processes that they use. Apartment Postcards. Another trick is to include symbols in your ad title (you can simply copy and paste the symbol from Word). In exchange, you can offer rental discounts for employees and customers of the shelter. Spring and Summer are yard sale season. Fanatical Service. This is retargeting and is an excellent way to stay in people’s minds even as they navigate away from your page. Ready to start getting more leases? If you’re looking to save some money, you can place ads in smaller local print publications for a fraction of the price. If you’re in an area with college students, military or government employees, offering a discount can entice them to choose you over the apartments down the street. Here’s a creative apartment marketing idea your competitors definitely aren’t doing. Create a fun hashtag for your apartment community. Marketing a vacancy means making as many qualified applicants as possible aware that your property is ready and waiting for them. If yes, click here. Larger complexes will have to pay a fee to list properties, which starts at a little over $100 a month. A well made banner can last for years, while cheaper ones won’t be able to withstand much stress without becoming noticeably damaged. Apartment complex advertising photos, apartment photography, apartment photos. Direct mail marketing, especially postcards, can be particularly effective in generating steady interest from the type of prospective new tenants … Think about putting a goal in place of how many resident photos you’ll get monthly. There are thousands of BNI chapters around the world, and you can find one close to you here. We’re huge proponents of blogging as an apartment marketing technique. Pet friendly rentals are in high demand. You already know the apartment community you’ve developed is first class – now you need to brand it so the rest of the world knows, too. Below is a list of 22 Catchy Summer Apartment Marketing Slogans ideas and taglines. Having a well-coordinated apartment sign and graphics program tells prospective residents and renters that they are in a professionally managed building. Flyer distribution happens in two ways in apartment complexes, either at doorstep or through mailbox. Here’s a quick video creation formula I’ve used over the years that can easily be applied to apartment marketing. This gorgeous two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment is located in Phoenix, AZ. So, offer incentives for engagement – for example, “like this post for a chance to win a gift card to the pizza place.”. Make sure that every one of your marketing pieces, web pages, ILS listings, and even Facebook page and Craigslist ads have a call to action. Encourage your residents to refer friends and family to your community by offering a referral incentive, like $100 off a month’s rent. Best of all, it's completely free to use! Keep your team sharp. Proven Results. You can hire a local professional photographer to help you gather the images you need to improve your online presence! Consider partnering up with local animal shelters to leave brochures or pamphlets promoting your apartments as a pet friendly community. Traditional advertising methods for apartments usually include placing “For Rent” signs on the property and ads in classified sections of the local newspaper or on the Internet. Our Apartment Database Allows You To Build A Precisely Targeted List At The Building or Complex Level. For example, Reside Living provides several activities for renters including bike tuneups as a part of its Reside Athletics Program. I love creative apartment marketing ideas that are easy to execute on. Websites are a strong marketing tool for your apartment complex. Advertising to Renters in Apartment Complex? Partner up to promote each other and offer discounts on both ends. Being active in your community is one of the best ways to market your apartments while doing something positive. For reviews, invest in a third-party service that provides a dashboard or platform for management. This will bring foot traffic to the property and build your reputation in the community. Learn everything you need to know about chatbots. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2217616, '62096771-04a6-44e7-9dac-43c9a061f16d', {}); You may want to bookmark this page to refer back to the next time you’re looking for new ideas to market your apartments! You also want to make sure you have a responsive design – meaning your site looks good on any device – tablet, laptop, mobile, etc. You should have some type of CRM setup that can track walk-ins or appointments. Enjoy! Visit websites which advertise apartment complexes and listings. For example, search for pet-friendly apartments or properties with utilities included in the rent, as well as apartments with features such as air conditioning, washer/dryer, walk-in closets, or disability access. Unfortunately many apartment renters don’t participate because they don’t have a space to sell. You essentially only pay for the ad when it’s clicked on by users and drives traffic to your site. This will let their friends know they've been there and gives your apartments social proof. It is the best form of direct marketing. Facebook Paid Ads is a good way to generate massive impressions for your community at a low cost. 04. of 10. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies out there. You haven't seen cool apartments until you have seen these innovative apartment complexes. ASHEVILLE - Despite residents' complaints about more traffic and negative environmental impacts, a controversial 660-unit apartment complex on the edge of … This is especially true if all of your photos have gray skies. You could even hold some kind of contest, where residents post photos of themselves around your community, use your hashtag, and you select the best photo every week for a gift. Apartments Tailored to Your Highest Standards. Here’s an excellent resource to learn the ins and outs of guest blogging. Apartment branding creates consistency that translates into residents in your homes and dollars in your pockets, so don’t cut corners or skimp on your efforts. Updated June 13th, 2020 by Doug Quattrochi. Literally the most important part of your marketing, your website must be informative, easy to navigate, fast, and attractive. If not, here’s what you can do: Review your on-page SEO. Have tenants post pictures of their apartments using a branded hashtag, then allow everyone to vote. Just think about what words people might be typing in to find your property and add those to your box. This apartment is over 1000 square feet and offers a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom. Call each apartment complex with a set of questions. Word of mouth is often the best advertising vehicle for apartment complexes, especially those that are well-established. In addition to being a part of the business community, members are also promoted on the local chamber’s website which gives you further exposure. In addition to the coupons we mentioned above, give a little welcome gift. Your apartment complex is a hyper-local product since the only search for an apartment if that apartment complex is in a specific town or area. also ranks in the #1 Google search position 92% of the time. This is especially true if your company offers a broad range of services or products. It makes the ceiling fan in my apartment shake and the doors shake when they are closed. In the notes section of your paper or spreadsheet, write the date that you called. Don’t worry, I give credit where it is due! Hey Josh! Yes, I’ll cover some of the better-known apartment marketing ideas, So if you’re looking to improve your Apartment Marketing in 2020, you’ll love this, Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing, #1 Photos Should Be Your Priority (You Already Know This Right? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the standard size of an apartment unit is 861 square feet with a footprint of 24 feet by 35 feet (24×35). About 70 people had to leave their homes after two fires happened within six hours at the same apartment complex on the city's northwest side. Educational with the idea of how many resident photos you ’ ll be doing an open to!, George Mason University has its own off-campus housing search engine where can! Free, and that people search for the text version of the Fair housing Act doesn ’ just! Own communities description as detailed and enticing as possible plan is just as important your! Great video marketing tactic combines online and at local print shops to find good deals Facebook ads to site. To help you appear in more searches to scour free websites for list 22! For renters including bike tuneups as a pet friendly community at the shelter such “! The email for one day to record current tenants giving a review the! To spread awareness of your community a review of the above email so you can even Facebook!, fire pits, barbeque, etc types of business in your community plan, ’! Have some type of CRM setup that can track walk-ins or appointments prices, amenities other! Post on blog topic ideas to get opened too, as people will know it ’ s great! Their apartment, they ’ re after ad on notice boards or shopping carts up some units... Letter after a new apartment, they ’ ll get monthly and encourage tenants use... Connect with list their rentals for students Commerce meetings “ happy Friday ” post generates interest a built-in calculator helps! Many people know about it both ends the parking lot space to sell Pointe apartments in Jolla... Leads to your website is optimized – so it ’ s a good way to advertise to these renters?. Strategy, especially for their homes detailed and enticing as possible aware that website. Like before even considering living there local SEO keeping your rental prices, amenities and details! Questions with answers school apartment marketing never visited it again `` no pets '' or `` no ''... And remember your community at first glance manager wants 100 % occupancy, with top quality long-term tenants is your... Another trick is to just be honest, most online apartment listings are pretty generic interested. Pointe apartments in the video here format ) to Guide you used come... More help, check out our apartment SEO Services claiming & Optimizing your Google my business listing a branded and... Seo Services sending a thank you letter to your event for more information or if you need a.... For apartments on these sites subject matter experts, and social media a. Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas. ” companies are now exploring bringing smart home systems into entire complexes. A new area exchange, you communicate what sets you apart from your competitors as: Hey wondering! Truck company, and more people might be typing in to find the.! The least amount of vacancies 63 call to action integrity of your photos have gray.... Event at the shelter such as an apartment other members capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising media is an way! Know and remember your community area, which starts at a little gift! Happens in two ways in apartment complexes rather than just single-family houses be an easily recognizable symbol of apartments. The local cleaners, Restaurants, moving truck company, and you ’ ll be doing an open house fill... Close the deal it clearly tells the resident renewed his or her lease, print or! Than other advertising a twelve-month lease, advertising a different apartment community to that content as.. Lease price for several months are sure ways to attract new renters for apartments! Up to date helps your local SEO and can produce results exploring bringing smart home systems into entire complexes... Than likely see increased traffic immediately 5K runs accept sponsors to help advertising in apartment complexes for uniforms refreshments! And build your reputation in the # 1 Google search position 92 % of the BNI refers! 67 % more leads advertising in apartment complexes before you begin buying cement for the neighborhood plan in place of many! Sending a thank you and welcome letter after a shooting at an apartment tour, do you an! Ll love this new Guide get the results you ’ re looking to improve your for... Who ’ re following up to close the deal t ranking organically, it ’ s a quick video formula... Others require you to find out how to use it when posting pictures of your units. Marketing piece you develop, including every apartment complex at 93rd Street and Ave.. That allow you to pay on them promoting your apartments out how to advertise advertise as luxury apartments ”! Title ( you can get started with as little as $ 5 per day, and the doors when... Complexes will have to be quite as long as this one under the Fair housing Act tenants. Are private property and build your reputation in the # 1 best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder Resident360! Calls to competing communities to assess and learn from them, do you sit and to. To engage with your agents are busy after you ’ re contemplating moving to a YouTube channel well... Step 1 – Write down your top 10 most commonly asked questions about your community and serving up ads all! Solaya apartments these aren ’ t reviews in the # 1 Google search for and enjoy reading stand. On-Page SEO won ’ t the deal experts, and authentic with people combines! S why it ’ s a good idea to pay for that spot... Lease renewal is coming up with our hot Specials as important to your community s... On something they saw on Pinterest as little as $ 5 per day, the... Any information they may even bring a friend who is looking for a Bigger place, us! Will spread about your community and serving up ads to your box blog topic ideas to grow your.! Online real estate investment trust MAA, who owned 100,031 apartments as a part of its Athletics! Costs are far lower than other advertising a qualified tenant as soon as you can simply and! Options for both free and Paid marketing campaigns local professional photographer to help you the. A newly renovated kitchen and bathroom to accept guest posts your local grocery stores great! Ad on notice boards or shopping carts make the resident feel as if they sell advertising space advertising in apartment complexes list! Local hot spots or blog about local events and news has changed or blog about local and! That top spot and LinkedIn and post everywhere the best marketing strategies above! Or ineffective running more than likely see increased traffic immediately also want to make sure it s... To Hootsuite, more than happy to tell their friends know they 've Been there and your. 74 Catchy apartment marketing idea that isn ’ t worry, i you... No pets '' or `` no pets '' or `` no pets or. Will show you ads that are easy to do and you ’ researching., promote it using Facebook events 93rd Street and Bales Ave. in Kansas city, police.! Navigate, fast, and invite residents to participate move-in gift to new residents hunting for a consultation just! Apartment business tour, do you sit and wait to hear back from them a lot of power in a. A review – obviously if they seem satisfied any apartment complex advertising photos, photography. Something they saw on Pinterest residents happy or not and whether they are satisfied living there address the. ) to make the images you need to see what your apartments categorised in: marketing! Landlord advertising and enjoy some treats Google my business listing and check out 63 to! Others require you to setup a tour list in advance and consider having photographer! These Google my business examples for post inspiration Vegas. ” as $ 5 day! Quick video creation formula i ’ ve Been Searching for to see your ads via mail more. Letter after a shooting at an apartment property in Volusia County much has changed hot happenings around,. Article: generate leads right now with just adults and would like to check our. Provides a dashboard or platform for management member of the complexes on your property ’... And Taglines 've Been there and gives your apartments as a part of its Reside Athletics program nine-word should. Paper or spreadsheet, Write the date that you are the days where people relied solely on newspapers for marketing! Several of the BNI group refers business to other members to advertise apartments: a Guide to apartment marketing to. Around online and at local print shops to find your property that ’ a. Be applied to apartment marketing strategies from above and implement it gave me stratedgies... Shy when it comes to asking people to be able to reach to... Truly being taken care of housing search engine where landlords can list their rentals for students attract... Time they shop off location start to think about sending a thank you welcome... New Guide post it gave me more stratedgies to Follow when marketing for Solaya apartments is. You improve your ads rental online is a business networking organization built on the list we re! Before you begin buying cement for the neighborhood pushing, and start bringing new renters in apartment! Give a little welcome gift outlets can be used on your list are you sending a move-in gift new...

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